WORKSHOP | tie dye

tie dyeing socks with natural dyes at the buurtcamping

On the 31st of August, we held a workshop for the kids at the buurtcamping at Marieneterrein. The buurtcamping is an initiative from De Buurt to bring together neighborhoods in The Netherlands by camping together in nearby parks. We brought three different types of natural dye matter for them to work with: Madder for the color red, onion skins for mustard yellow, and logwood for deep purple. The participants were very creative with their designs and used lovely combinations of colors and techniques. We were happy to see that some of the enthusiastic parents joined the workshop as well to make their own creations.


STEPS for tie-dyeing socks and scarves with natural dyes:

  1. Mordant socks and scarves with aluin.
  2. Prepare the dye bath: heat up a big pan of water, weigh the dye material, and add it to the water. 
  3. Simmer the dye bath for an hour or until the desired color is reached.
  4. Sieve the dye material. 
  5. Fold the socks and scarves with a desired tie-dye method and secure them with elastic bands.
  6. Put the full socks/scarves in the pan or dip-dye them by hanging just the desired section in the dyebath. 
  7. Leave the socks/scarves in the dye bath, while it simmers, for at least half an hour or until the desired color is reached.